EMS Classroom Training and Skills Testing (For California and NREMTs)

About Skills Testing


EMT Skills Testing, also known as "EMT Psychomotor Examination" or "EMT Skills Verification," is required for new EMTs and those EMTs seeking recertification. We offer Skills Testing at least monthly in Simi Valley, California.

Important Note: EMT Skills Testing is just testing. It is not practicing or training, and students should show up prepared to be tested.

Students who fail Skills Testing will need to re-enroll and retake the Skills Testing at a later date. Students who fail Skills Testing can retake the testing at a reduced re-enrollment price.

Because we know EMT Skills Testing is not easy, we also offer a Skills Test Practice the morning before EMT Skills Testing, as well as Skills Test Training a week before the testing, for those who need more preparation to be ready to test.